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This community is dedicated to the love and worship of Angel Sactuary. Fanfics, fanarts, anything pertaining to any aspect of Angel Sanctuary is welcome. Its perfectly alright to even come here to ask questions about the series, or even just to chat about it! Please join and enjoy yourself! ^^


1. I will not enforce rules about off topic chatting in my community...for I am talkative myself. Just about anything goes, except flaming or ranting (some ranting is ok, but not on other people...who might come across it Xp).

2. I might find a comment inappropriate, so will reserve the right to delete, or ask you to (not much fear of that...I'm a pretty liberal person)...I will try to give you a heads up before I delete any posts, so you can edit or however you want to take care of it.

3. Spoiling is absolutely forbidden. You can answer questions, but be vague. Please, please, do not spoil!

4. Membership is open, so just, join!

Simple enough? Then why not post now?